субота, 25. август 2012.

Satish Babu Meripo and his company called "Deep Channel Solutions Private Limited" are fraud !

Satish Babu Meripo seen here on the picture and his company called "Deep Channel Solutions Private Limited" are fraud ! This is little warning for anyone who is thinking about doing business with this guy and his company. 

Times are tough and  about a year ago I decided to build a website and try to make little extra cash on the side . With no experience in doing these things , I decided to hire someone to do that for me .
Went to Elance.com and posted my project , and within a day I had a bunch of offers, mostly from Indian contractors . Among them was Satish Babu Meripo and his company "Deep Channel Solution Limited". They had fantastic reviews (later I learned they faked those) and they offered reasonable price , so I decided to go with them . 
Here is how it went.

First , this guy made me pay a half of the project in advance . Second he made sure deadline for project is more then 45 days because after 45 days you cant get your money back if something goes wrong . My project was never done,  I got few crappy samples I guess just to keep me quiet during those 45 days . And even a year later he still refuses to give me my money back .

Also be aware that this guy was changing the name of his company in the past . And he might be operating under different company name now . Bottom line is , be very , very, very careful with this guy and never ever send any money in advance !!!!

If you had a similar case with this guy and his company or any other company from India , you can post your experience here and help others save some time and money.

And if anybody out there knows how to deal with this kind of situations or where can I report this guy ,
Please let me know .